10 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Job Search   1 comment

A recent survey shows that nearly 92% of college students have some type of social networking profile. However less than 1/3 have used social networking for job searches.  Using sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook could really be to your advantage since the majority of business’s are connected to at least one of these social media sites. Remember it is important that you keep your social networking sites appropriate or private because today a lot of employers screen interviewee’s based on their online appearance, attitude, and appropriateness. Give your social networking profiles a makeover with these 10 helpful hints:

1. Develop a professional presence: (ex: remove inappropriate photos, videos, posts, etc.) 

2. Fill your profiles with keywords

3. Use LinkedIn to find your path

4. Get personal: online network should include family, friends, parents, classmates, professors, even neighbors who can provide you with “warm” referrals to the contacts in their networks.

5.  Be a joiner: Join groups or become a fan of certain pages to show what you are interested in and find people with similar interests. 

6. Tweet: Twitter is an amazing tool to research and connect with recruiters etc.

7. Blog: Share your ideas with the world and let your blog enhance your personal ‘brand.’

8. Share: Sharing helpful information such as articles or videos this helps maintain a strong professional network.

9. Keep people up to Date: Status updates are another smart form of networking.  Update all social media accounts regularly but keep it professional looking.

10. Use Social Media to ace interviews: Before an interview study the organization and/or people you will be meeting with through their social networking profiles.


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