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By James Crowell

During my four years at Cabrini College, I have learned a great deal.  As I prepare to graduate, I want to share my top 5 tips for college students.

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation!  By planning ahead, making to-do lists and doing assignments before they are due, I am able to stay on-top of my responsibilities.  Keeping track of your weekly schedule on your smartphone’s calendar application can be vital to your continued success in college.
  • Technology should help, not hinder.  As a Communication major, I can say with confidence that technology will only become more advanced and more integrated into everyday life.  Students should utilize the technology at hand and begin networking as freshmen and sophomores.  Social media sites like LinkedIn & Facebook are crucial tools in networking with your peers and professionals alike.   Simply requesting to follow industry professionals related your major and staying up-to-date with current events are extremely important to one’s success in college and to your post-graduate career.
  • Having a well-tailored elevator speech and a resume can set you apart.  How you carry yourself and explain your past experience are important, especially as you begin to seek internships and co-ops.  Need resume advice?  The Co-op & Career Services office can work with you to develop a well-crafted and professional resume.  Moreover, being able to speak with confidence about yourself and what you have accomplished are very good skills to master in your life.
  • Maintain a mastery of Time Management.  Keeping track of your day-to-day duties is good, but managing your weekly and monthly schedules are just as important.  Moreover, during your day you need to allocate time for studies just as much as downtime.  Burning out is a real possibility, especially towards the end of the semester and around finals week.  You must let yourself enjoy college, while balancing your responsibilities as a student.
  • Seeking advice and knowledge from the Co-op and Career services office as soon as you can as a freshmen.  I cannot stress enough how vital the career services office can be in one’s career during and after college.  Skills such as resume-building and gaining college credit via an internship are important.

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Senior Com Major Embraces “Education of the Heart”   Leave a comment

By James Crowell

As a Senior Communication Major, I have truly received an education of the heart as well as the mind during my time at Cabrini College.  As a freshman, I began taking Honors classes right away, and though I wasn’t entirely prepared, the professors guided me and shaped me into the person I am today.  If I went to any other college or university, I would just be a number in a lecture hall full of a hundred other people.  Here, I am a valued member of a community, getting hands-on experience doing what I want to do in my major.

As a student living on campus, I have received a much different experience then what my peers have received.  I only live 35 to 40 minutes away from Cabrini’s Radnor campus, but way before matriculation I decided to live on campus.  Sure, I have had good and bad roommates, but overall Cabrini’s residence halls have given me countless life lessons that I would of never had if I was a commuter.  I don’t mean to say that commuters are not getting the ‘full college experience’ but I do believe both choices result in a much different college experience.

As a freshmen, If you asked me if I would ever have an internship before I graduated college, I would of laughed and then said I wanted to focus on my classes.  Now, after being in two internships, I can confidently say that internships have given me an excellent experience that I would never have had if I didn’t say yes.  As an intern in the Co-op & Career Services Office, I am now on track to graduate with a excellent resume and more importantly, I have a rounded and fleshed out education that I would have never had if I didn’t say yes to opportunities presented to me.  Some opportunities have been recommended to me by my peers, and through this I have learned a key aspect to my success.

Networking is key to one’s success.  As a Communication major, I have been told that networking with my internships and my peers is absolutely important in my future success and I completely agree.  By knowing multiple people in multiple areas of influence and skill, I am able to advance my own interests, while building on the relationships I build with my peers and acquaintances.  Moreover, I know that my future career started when I began to take on leadership roles within my chosen major.  Networking is not only about talking with and knowing individuals.  It is just as important to know how each person fits within a group and organization.  Being a part of campus media gave me experience in this firsthand.

Cabrini gave me these tools to thrive in my chosen major.  Cabrini’s “Education of the Heart” truly has impacted me in a way that I would never have received anywhere else.  The resources of the co-op and career services office, in tandem with the Communication Department’s Professional Development Program, I have improved my professional skills as they relate to marketing myself to future employers.  My experiences as News Editor for The Loquitur and Remote Producer for LOQation have only strengthened my resolve to strive to do my best work in the field of communications and multimedia storytelling.

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Working While in College   Leave a comment

I am a junior here at Cabrini College and have been a student worker in the Co-op and Career Services office since the fall 2010 semester. I am from North Jersey and have a job at home in the local hospital where I work as a Dietary Aide; this means I serve patients their food as well as washing pots, serving as a cashier in the cafeteria, and cleaning the dirty meal trays that come down off the floor. I have been working there since high school, and I go back on all of my breaks from Cabrini.

I’ve always felt it is important to work hard for the things that you want and it has always been something that people have noticed in my two different work places; back home and here at Cabrini. The experience that you receive from working while in high school and college is extremely beneficial for you and will help you greatly when you get out into the real world and have your “grown up, big person” job. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always enjoy going to work especially when I have to wake up at 6 AM to get to work by 7 AM and then be forced to deal with cranky, crabby patients for 11 hours of my day. I know that neither job I have right now is going to be the job I do for the rest of my life, but both have been very interesting jobs to have- in different ways.

I know a lot of times when you get a job in high school it’s often at a grocery store or a retail store and many times you keep this job while in college when you go home. The nice thing about many chain places, is that they will help you find a location near where you are going to college that you can work at while there and then transfer back to your other location while at home. This is a great option because it allows you to keep earning money while at school and it means that you don’t have to worry about trying to find a job.

Many people feel they aren’t going to be able to work while going to school, but I think it’s important for everyone to try because you never know what you are capable of doing until you actually try it. As a student worker in the Co-op & Career Services Office, I don’t work full time hours, but I still put in roughly 15 hours a week, on top of taking 21 credits this semester. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I have been doing great so far and I find that my choices do not poorly impact my grades. Working is important to me because it helps you to create skills that you didn’t have before. For me working in two very different environments has helped me to add to my resume of skills.

Working in an office definitely helps with your organizational skills and working in a dietary position definitely helps you learn about being meticulous and extra careful. I would never want to give a patient something that does not meet their dietary needs. To me, working is a learning experience and for me it has been a positive experience because I know that all of my hard work in these two jobs is going towards helping me pay for school as well as other things I may need, but some of that money of course goes to things that I want.

I would highly suggest for all of you readers that you should be looking into a job that you can learn from before graduation. Whether it be a summer job at home, working at a day camp, or when we get back to school in the fall working at a store in the King of Prussia Mall, get out there and learn while you still can. It will definitely pay off in the future.

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Network: For Your Job Search   Leave a comment

Networking could be what helps you land a job


Social media has made it so much easier for us to get connected to one another in a more timely matter. Social networking does not only help us strengthen our friendship or express ourselves but it can even help you land a job. Every college grad has one thing in common that will benefit them regardless of what they got a degree in and that is who they know and how they can use this to their advantage in finding a job or building strong relationships.

Here are some tips for building and maintaining a healthy network:

  1. Make a list of everyone you know- and people they know- and identify how they could help you gather career information or experience
  2. Sign up for an alumni mentoring program
  3. Join the campus chapter of a professional society that relates to your career choice
  4. Volunteer at a local museum, theater, homeless shelter- anywhere that even remotely relates to your field of study
  5. Speak to company representatives at career fairs, even if you’re not ready to look for a job
  6. Attend company information sessions at your college and talk one-on-one to the recruiters who run them
  7. Schedule informational interviews with people who can tell you about their careers
  8. Remember to be courteous and tactful in all your conversations, to send thank-you notes to people who help you, and to find ways to help others as well.

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10 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Job Search   1 comment

A recent survey shows that nearly 92% of college students have some type of social networking profile. However less than 1/3 have used social networking for job searches.  Using sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook could really be to your advantage since the majority of business’s are connected to at least one of these social media sites. Remember it is important that you keep your social networking sites appropriate or private because today a lot of employers screen interviewee’s based on their online appearance, attitude, and appropriateness. Give your social networking profiles a makeover with these 10 helpful hints:

1. Develop a professional presence: (ex: remove inappropriate photos, videos, posts, etc.) 

2. Fill your profiles with keywords

3. Use LinkedIn to find your path

4. Get personal: online network should include family, friends, parents, classmates, professors, even neighbors who can provide you with “warm” referrals to the contacts in their networks.

5.  Be a joiner: Join groups or become a fan of certain pages to show what you are interested in and find people with similar interests. 

6. Tweet: Twitter is an amazing tool to research and connect with recruiters etc.

7. Blog: Share your ideas with the world and let your blog enhance your personal ‘brand.’

8. Share: Sharing helpful information such as articles or videos this helps maintain a strong professional network.

9. Keep people up to Date: Status updates are another smart form of networking.  Update all social media accounts regularly but keep it professional looking.

10. Use Social Media to ace interviews: Before an interview study the organization and/or people you will be meeting with through their social networking profiles.

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The Value of a Simply Hired Employment Trends Report!   Leave a comment

Today, one of the world’s most popular job search websites( published the August 2011 Employment Trends Report on their blog!  We have shared this website with you all before on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may have seen a reference to this report before as well.  This posting will tell you exactly why we think as students or alumni in the job market…or even someone considering a career/job change should be reading and utilizing this report!

As a career counselor I utilize a list of various resources to help people make educated career choices.  In my role it’s imperative to remain knowledgeable about local and national employment news, trends, and ways to find a job.  As of late, one resource is at the top of that list.  The world’s largest job search engine, SimplyHired ( provides a “one-stop shopping” place to get all this information.  One thing I’ve found particularly helpful on this site is that the company releases a monthly Employment Trends Outlook report. “The U.S. Employment Trends Outlook is a monthly analysis and forecast of employment trends in the United States. These findings are based on monthly job seeker activity on”.  This report provides a lot of valuable information to me as a career counselor, so I wanted to share its value with the people whom I purpose it for-to empower their career decision making through knowledge!

Who can use the report & Why?

Ummm, anyone who uses information about the current state of employment or job trends in the United States of America, that’s who!  This report holds value for a budding entrepreneur trying to determine the economic climate of the geographic area which s/he is planning to open their business.  Anyone considering relocation due to unemployment or a desired career transition could hugely benefit from the report. And many other folks like recruiting professionals, internship coordinators, and so on and so forth.   The report is rich with data and trends for all of us “nerds” or “numbers people” and analytical types to develop our strategies.

Below are 2 examples of the way the information is graphically illustrated but still easy to understand.  This first image is taken right from the beginning of the report. It shows a snapshot of the US job market using a colorful chart layout that isn’t chock full of too much data that it appears to be hieroglyphics to  a lay-person.  On the contrary, it provides a quick, bold job competition ratio and a clear chart detailing the Top 5 Hiring Companies in the nation.

Job Market Snapshot

© 2011 Simply Hired, Inc



Current Students & Entry-Level College Grads 

I suggest that current students add this site and this employment trend report to their online reading repertoire.  With the advent of the internet and now social media, there is unlimited access to information and numerous ways to access it.   College and graduate students should be using the data presented in this monthly report to determine what companies to start investigating for career opportunities or determine if the industries they are preparing to enter are experiencing loss or growth.  An entry level job searcher should keep close watch on this report, and pay particular attention to any month to month changes in the local market hiring. If you are a person who is considering a career transition or relocation, this report should be used as a guide to aid decision making.  Below is another example of the invaluable information this report provides for job seekers.  This is an image of the section of the report that outlines job openings by both industries and specific occupations.  This is literally spelling out for you where the jobs are from month to month!

Job Openings

For anyone searching the internet for job openings the Simply Hired Employment Trends report is a vital tool.  Why not get all the information you need to steer your job search from the same site where you search and find jobs?  “With over eight million job listings, SimplyHired is the world’s largest job search engine-25 times the size of the biggest job board”.   If you are an educator, a career counselor, college professor, staffing professional or job coach, this report should be a resource you use time and time again.   I personally plan to start pointing students that I work with directly to it and educating them on how to use it to their advantage. After all, I could just do the work for my students and give them job leads, but I believe if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime (Chinese Proverb).  If my students/clients, colleagues and even friends know the value of the information presented in these monthly reports, and know how to assess it for their own purposes, then I have facilitated their job search process in an empowering way.

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Remember to Remember your Alma Mater!   Leave a comment

By, Jocelyn Tutrani

I completed my bachelor degree at my undergraduate institution in 2004.  I was always eager to go back to visit the campus frequently for the next two years.  Admittedly I went mainly because many of my friends/teammates were still there, so I always had a place to sleep and a group of friends to visit.  Each and every year I had less and less friends I knew up at good old LHU.  I saw the Alumni Softball Game as my only reason to return to campus after a while, and even then, life got “too” busy for me to make the 3 hour trip.  After a few conflicting events, I realized one day that it has been 4 years since I have made it back to the institution that has so greatly impacted my life.  I am who I am, know who I know, and live the life I live because of my four years at LHU.  After some heavy convincing and a guaranteed floor or couch to sleep on, my former teammates convinced me to make the trip.  I was a little taken back when I entered the small town to see how some of the private businesses have come and gone.  There were even a few new buildings on campus.  However, the fall leaves were still just as beautiful as they were every year before, the air still reeked of fall, and my teammates had the same senses of humor.  I only stayed one night, but it was filled with conversation of old times and things we might have missed over the years.  The alums were still as competitive as we all were years ago, and we cheered and supported each other as if we were playing in a game that counted towards our record.  (On a side note: the alums won 7-6 in the top of the 8th. For those of you who follow softball…there are only 7 innings in a legitimate game, and we refused to give the current LHU Softball team there final at-bats.) The reason I am writing about my journey back to my alma mater, is because I shocked myself on how easy it is to forget.  As someone who is typically sentimental and tries to consciously appreciate the mile markers in my life…I forgot.  I forgot about how my four years at LHU have forever changed my life.  My teammates, coaches, professors, and that campus have shaped me into the person I am today.  I will remember from here on out to wear my LHU clothing with pride.  I will donate money back to the institution that donated their time and resources to me.  And I will drive 3 hours every year from here on out, to sleep on a floor, get beat on the diamond,  and laugh about old times.

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